Friday, April 27, 2012

MEATSHANK - Scavengers CD review

MEATSHANK - Scavengers CD
Self Released
Genre: Thrash

When I went to check this Kansas City, Missouri band's official website a pop up sponsor ad for Kobe Steaks came up. Coincidence? Whatever the case this release, their second full length, originally came out back in 2010. Obviously this is a second chance promotional push which happens quite a bit. Not only is the release two years old but the band's sound hearkens back to the time when the lines between thrash metal and crossover punk were blurred. I immediately realized that when opener "Meet your Maker" blasted out from my speakers and envisioned the slam pit action from my own past. Those were the days when spikey haired punks and long haired metal heads dropped their guards and partied as one. Yeah that really didn't last did it.

Anyways MEATSHANK are one part crossover and one part traditional thrash. While this three piece can bust out blazing riffs in that DRI, CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER type vein (including the higher pitch caustic vocals) on a few cuts they can also tap into some METALLICA stylings ala "Sweet Release" or a more modern melodic death thrashing rage on "Symbiotic Annihilation". Actually this whole release is a variety of surprises that comprise of a cross pollination of the past while still sounding fresh today. MUNICIPAL WASTE comes to mind as a similar band who, while obviously borrowing from the past, created a sound that found a niche with modern ears. If there ever was a release that needed a second push it's Scavengers. Even better would be to see them signed to a decent label in order to get this into stores.

Rating: 4/5


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