Wednesday, April 18, 2012

WIZARD RIFLE - Speak Loud Say Nothing CD review

WIZARD RIFLE - Speak Loud Say Nothing CD

Seventh Rule Recordings

Genre: Sludge / Noise Rock

The more I read about a band being described as eclectic, innovative as well as pushing the limits on heavy music the more I know it's going to be easy to figure out. WIZARD RIFLE, a two piece duo (guitar and drums) from Portland, Oregon, are the latest buzz band in the music media simply because they are indescribable by the music media. Guess what? Take NOMEANSNO (a Canadian three piece punk band from the mid 80's who were highly jazz influenced in their time signatures and I had a bunch of their early releases back in the day) and HIGH ON FIRE. Toss both into a blender, mix well, then poor contents over the head of the pretentious indie rock record store clerk who wears a DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN t-shirt every day of the week. That's what WIZARD RIFLE (aka: Matt Dameron - guitar / vocals and Sam Ford - drums / vocals) are all about.

Yeah it's a mixed bag of noise or if you will the modern version of an annoying jam band. Speak Loud Say Nothing is their debut five cut opus of jazzy, neck snapping beats and avant - groove (now was that so hard to figure out?) which is definitely geared towards the college radio loser sect and not extreme types in the metal realm. The term "forward thinking metal" really means "taken from some past artist(s) who modern music nerds have no memory of". WIZARD RIFLE are not a total waste of time. When the pair keep things sludgy and crank out angry monster riffs they're tolerable. Unfortunately it doesn't last for long since they end up sounding like a sludge rock act suffering from turrets syndrome. After enduring this for a few spins I wanna break out The Day Everything Became Nothing by NOMEANSNO and really rock the fuck out.

Rating - 2/5



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