Sunday, April 22, 2012

DEMONIC SLAUGHTER - Dark Essence EP review

Hellthrasher Productions
Genre: Black Metal

DEMONIC SLAUGHTER are definitely one of the more prolific acts from the Polish black metal scene. Since starting out back in 2006 they've managed to unleash two EPs and three full lengths prior to this latest EP. On Dark Essence the band sounds like they're on a second wave Norwegian black metal trip. Imagine, if you will, mid period DARKTHRONE being fronted by a younger Atilla Csihar. One listen to “Inner-Self Transfiguration" will freak you out since the resemblance in sound and vocal style is uncanny. The rawness of the track will have you thinking this is actually from the early nineties instead of today. The same can be said for other tracks like “Descending Towards Oblivion” and "Blades of Decay" but that's not all of what Dark Essence showcases. Other tracks like “Vampyr” and “Black Storm Invocation" add haunting ambiance with slithering vocal invocations to this platter. It's not far away from what 1349 has done with their last two releases and it adds a break from the old school thrashing. Be that as it may this release is fairly simplistic. There's nothing really impressive enough to make this stand out amongst so many other BM artists.
Rating: 3/5


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