Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DOPE FLOOD - A Planet On Four Legs EP review

DOPE FLOOD - A Planet On Four Legs EP
Self Released
Genre: Hard Rock

Since coming back from my so-called vacation I have had to do a lot of purging of material sent in for review that built up over the month I was away. One of the reasons why I don't review everything that gets sent into Scumfeast Metal 666 is that certain releases don't fit into the music criteria I've set for this site. That's basically a nice way of saying I don't like your style of music. What bands always need to remember (although some don't) just because I don't care for something doesn't mean it's not worth while to millions of other people. So every once in a while I'll let one slip through the vise jaws that's at least interesting. Take this Greek band DOPE FLOOD and their three song EP which originally came out in 2011. If this band's goal was to sound just like (if not better) the lion's share of American top 40 radio rock bands well then they've achieved that goal. Now when I use the term "radio rock" I'm talking about the mix of modern southern rock / metal meets Seattle mainstream grunge from years ago.

This band is like if PEARL JAM came from Georgia with an Eddie Vedder type wearing a straw cowboy hat. You've got your sludgy riffs distorted out the max, slow tempos with melodies that start off soft then kick in hard and heavy. This band has the formula down but like I pertained to earlier DOPE FLOOD have something going for them which is better than the typical. First and foremost the guitar tone of the riffs sounds rough and meaty as if Jack Endino had his hand in producing this. Secondly the clean and sharp soloing sounds a whole helluva lot better than the usual radio rock. I know this because a few weeks ago I had to ride around with a friend all day and she was playing top 40 radio rock the whole time. Yeah I was in hell but it was a learning experience and DOPE FLOOD is equal to, if not better, than all of what I heard that day. What would seal the deal would be for them to have a Confederate Flag back drop on their stage set up as well as their singer sipping from a Jack Daniels bottle (filled with iced tea of course) during performances.

Myspace: http:www.myspace.com/Dopeflood

Bandcamp: http://dopeflood.bandcamp.com/

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