Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Relapse Records
Genre: Death Metal

Just from the press / promo for this release you would think Tech Death fans were in withdrawals for the past six years which probably is a horrible sight to witness. Well your wait is over you attention deficit disorder freaks. SPAWN OF POSSESSION return with the revamped line-up and this new release. As regular readers of SFM666 know I have very little passion or patience for tech death. I see most of it as jazz noodling without any serious song craft at work. With that said I think there are some bands who really push the envelope on sheer greatness as well as create interesting compositions which don't give me a fuckin headache. SPAWN OF POSSESSION is one of those bands at least that's what I thought about their last release, Noctambulant, from 2006. This latest one, their first for Relapse, surpasses what they've done before. Incurso introduces Christian Munzner of NECROPHAGIST and OBSCURA fame joining Jonas Bryssling on guitar which brings about even more of a formidable tech death riffage display throughout. Munzner handles all of the soloing on here which should come to no surprise. Also added to the line-up is new bassist Erlend Caspersen whose playing on here takes on a larger presence than their former plucker.

Right after the opening intro you'll notice in this new version of SPAWN OF POSSESSION that Munzner has brought more to this band than just his guitar and talent. There's an obvious OBSCURA feel to these songs via melody flowing throughout the jazz infused insanity. Vocalist Dennis Rondum is the only one not contributing to the tech wizardry at work on here since giving up the drums to Henrik Schonstrom in order to do full time frontman duties. His vocals on here are standard fair but worthy of the musicianship at work around him. As far as Schonstrom is concerned his talents are all over these cuts. One of the many reasons why this is a damm good tech death release (in my not so humble non tech death liking opinion) is that this band is jelled to perfection. While the musicians push the meter on standout performances there's no one who stands above the rest not even Munzner in the mix. I'm not going to single out any particular cuts since the whole release is an amazing composition from start to end with some progressive styled surprises. As far as I'm concerned Incurso is now the new standard in Tech Death.

Rating: 5/5



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