Wednesday, April 18, 2012

MONARCH - Omens CD review


At A Loss Recordings

Genre: Sludge / Noise

There are times when I have to wonder if the pretentious loving human garbage of the elitist music media are being generous with their praises or are they just bozos all conceived from the same clown car. Case in point, take this drone doom act MONARCH who have at least one person from France in the band. They literally suck, they blow, they're talentless hacks who some how connived their way into getting studio time to record. I'm not just talking about this three song (?) piece of crap. I'm talking about all of their releases, most of them are EPs which they have the nerve to call full lengths.

Lets start with the idiot behind the mic. Emilie Bresson is not a singer, instead she just screams like a brat with a soiled diaper. Hey Fay Wray the gorilla is gone so shut the fuck. She also adds a few moans and shrieks not as if she's enjoying herself. Personally when people start acting crazy like that you've got no choice but to put them down. And I'm not talking verbally either. I'm talking lead poisoning. Next up is the sludgey drone dirge that is not crushing at all. On the last cut "Black Becomes the Sun" it sounds like the guitarist just plugged in, kicked the instrument then sat down for twenty minutes while the feedback just continued to rumble.

Here's a puzzle for you bright bulbs to figure out. This thing took four months to record in four different countries with four different producers. It's only a little over thirty five minutes of noise! Whatafuck took so long? Also there are a half dozen "guests" on this release although I can't figure out what they were doing during the recording of this other than picking their asses. What a fuckin joke. For two years now I've been praising the French underground extreme music scene because they're showcasing caustic, nihilistic and threatening acts. This is an insult. Anyone who praises this garbage is a pretentious asshole.





  1. I think you are a little bit harsh man!The vocals are awesome!Didnt think the tracks were good but to portrait them as talentless and assholes just because you are not into drone music is bullshit.

  2. If your'e not into it shut the fuck up, or don't do the review like you did. Now we all know your'e a pretentious, narrow-minded idiot...

    "A mind is like a parachute. If it doesn't open youre fucked."