Thursday, April 19, 2012

CHOPSTICK SUICIDE - Lost Fathers and Sons CD review

CHOPSTICK SUICIDE - Lost Fathers and Sons CD
Peyote Müzik
Genre: Mathcore

Well so far this year (and it's only April) I've heard black metal from Iraq, pagan viking metal from Argentina, classic heavy metal from Chapel Hill, NC not played by hipster retards (now that was strange) so hearing mathcore from Turkey doesn't surprise me at all. (I'm still holding out for death metal played by North Pole Inuits). I'm personally not a fan of the genre but I give these guys props for their take on the whole DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN, EVERYTIME I DIE, etc. thing. The world is definitely a smaller place when four guys from Istanbul can bust out jazz inspired grooves, tech savoy guitar lines and the tag teamed gruff and harmonic vocals just like their influences. I wouldn't be surprised if this band was already being praised by those bed heads at a certain US metal publication. (they do like their fair share of "core") Lost Fathers and Sons is CHOPSTICK SUICIDE's second full-length of riff chugging intensity. While listening to this I did not feel the need to get up and do that funky ADD dance which the kids do these days. Your reaction might differ and I'm guessing that the Summer Slaughter Tour won't be hitting Turkey any time soon.

Rating: 3/5



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