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Scum News: BLOODSOAKED Complete Discography Now Streaming

One-Man Army of Death Peter Hasselbrack has now made his complete BLOODSOAKED discography available for streaming at Included are 2007's Brutally Butchered, 2009's Sadistic Deeds...Grotesque Memories, and 2011's The Death of Hope, all of which are available through Comatose Music. The albums continue to be available at well.

Considered one of the world's premier one-man death metal acts, North Carolina's BLOODSOAKED reached a new level of critical acclaim with the release of The Death of Hope, Ten songs of unholy Death Metal taking you back to the early 90s and reminiscent of legends like Obituary, Death, Malevolent Creation and Pestilence. On offer is pure old school brutality and addictive riffing with a crisp, modern production for 30 minutes of Pure Death Metal madness. Guest guitar solos by the iconic shredder James Murphy!

Check out "No God" from The Death of Hope:

In other news, BLOODSOAKED has the following shows and festival appearances scheduled for the coming months. Stay tuned for more announcements!

April 26-30 - Portugal (SWR Fest)

May 12 - Raleigh, NC (Volume 11)

July 12-14 - Czech Republic (Obscene Extreme Fest)

Check out "Infestation"; from the album "The Death of Hope"


North Carolina (USA) based Death Metal band BLOODSOAKED concentrates on purely old school, no frills, straight forward, skull crushing Death Metal in the most raw and primitive form! There are no "slam till you can't slam no more breakdowns," no pig squeals, no arpeggios; simply classic Death Metal; nothing more, nothing less.

BLOODSOAKED was formed in 2006 by Peter Hasselbrack who recorded the "Brutally Butchered" CD that was limited to 100 copies. "Brutally Butchered" was well received in the underground Death Metal scene and caught the attention of Comatose Music who released the CD in early 2007 to a world wide audience and helped BLOODSOAKED get shows with Suffocation, Vital Remains, Incantation, Dying Fetus, Skinless and two successful (Slaughtering The South I & II) tours and an ever growing fan base.

In 2008 BLOODSOAKED began writing songs for the second CD "Sadistic Deeds...Grotesque Memories" that was also released on Comatose Music. This time around BLOODSOAKED hired Shane McFee to be the producer, engineer and drum programmer for the album and the result was a massive assault of Death Metal! "Sadistic Deeds...Grotesque Memories" is a 10 song album that was released in April 2009 and has been crushing fans since its release.

In May of 2009 BLOODSOAKED had another successful 18 show (Slaughtering The South III) tour that ran through 10 states and left fans wanting more. In June of 2009 BLOODSOAKED played for the first time out-side the USA and went to Mexico for 2 insane shows. 2009 also saw the first professional video for the song "Rotting In Filth", the video has received great exposure and feedback. The video has been available on Comcast Cable On-Demand, Havoc TV, Fuse On-Demand and many other regional Metal video TV shows. In June 2009 BLOODSOAKED broke into the Top 40 CMJ Loud Rock charts at number 39 and peaked at number 36.

In October 2009 BLOODSOAKED filmed his second and third professional videos for the songs "Suicide" and "Unborn Horror" once again with director Blake Faucette. In November of 2009 BLOODSOAKED played his second show outside the USA and this time it was in Bogota, Colombia for the Bogota Death Grind Fest VIII.

On January 19, 2010 the video for "Rotting In Filth" aired on MTV's Headbangers Ball. This was a HUGE victory and a dream come true for Bloodsoaked to be on such a legendary show such as Headbangers Ball. 2010 continued to be a busy year for BLOODSOAKED playing many festivals in the USA as well as Germany (NRW Deathfest) and back again to Colombia (South America) for two shows.

2011 started very big for BLOODSOAKED flying to Venezuela (South America) to play the Extreme Gore Fest in February and then flying all the way to Mumbai, India to play the Meat Feast. In June 2011 BLOODSOAKED flew back to Germany to play the Death Feast Open Air and then in July the released "The Death of Hope" the third BLOODSOAKED album. The album featured two guest solos from Death Metal legend James Murphy (Obituary/Death/Testament/Disincaranate/Cancer).

BLOODSOAKED will continue crushing the world with his style of Death Metal and winning fans over one at a time, Death Metal will live forever!


2006 - "Brutally Butchered"

2009 - "Sadistic Deeds...Grotesque Memories"

2011 - "The Death of Hope"

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