Sunday, April 29, 2012

ATER ERA - In Autumn's Solitary Decline CD review

ATER ERA - In Autumn's Solitary Decline CD
Mater Tenebrarum Records
Genre: Black Metal

In an era when you have some people wanting black metal to progress itself out of existence it's always good to hear something that hearkens to the genre's more primal past. ATER ERA hails from Slovenia and this debut release fits that prescription. In Autumn's Solitary Decline originally came out last Fall but you know how slow the Post Office is of late so I'm checking it out now. Yes that's a joke. Originally starting off as a solo project (I think they're a band now) the main architect behind ATER ERA is named S.S. The man's responsible for vocals, guitar and songwriting. Hopefully he was not involved with the drums which on here sound as if they were recorded in a cavern. Everything else sounds fairly good in a melodic yet still raw black metal way. The guitars have that crispy sound quality somewhere in-between bacon frying and a broken electrical cable sparking. Either way it's a menacing sound that greats you on opener "Vest". S.S.'s vocals have that ghastly horror quality that pairs well with the seminal epicness which is like a door that this act is banging upon. "Exanimus" displays that explanation perfectly with some variety in it's structure albeit a little eclectic. The final cut "Red Thorah" adds a little change from the monotony with surprise ambient passages within the crash and tremolo blasts. You could also consider it's closing somewhat psychedelic.

Rating: 3/5



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