Sunday, April 29, 2012

HUNTRESS - Spell Eater CD review

HUNTRESS - Spell Eater CD
Napalm Records
Genre: Heavy Metal

I learned about this act back in February, via a Napalm Records email update, promoting their "Eight of Swords" video. Obviously having a former Playboy model, Jill Janus, as a front woman didn't hurt this band at getting out of the clubs and onto a label, as well as getting features in major metal print publications. (check out the spread, pardon the pun, in Metal Hammer) But to be fair Jill Janus is a classically trained vocalist with a huge range so the eye candy factor really doesn't follow the cliche. Secondly HUNTRESS is a thrash meets power metal five piece from California who started out a few years back. They have a three song self released EP from 2010, Off With Her Head, under their belts. On this debut their two guitar attack by Blake Meahl and Ian Alden is reminiscent of many Teutonic acts of the power metal genre minus the orchestra leanings. Spell Eater combines a little of everything from galloping riff thrash to classic NWOBHM and melodic death to create a catchy batch of somewhat memorable cuts. Of course some out weigh the others and those are the ones which Janus really utilizes her vox. The opening title cut along with the video number "Eight of Swords" mentioned above plus "Children" and the closing number "The Tower" are all noteworthy. There are no ballads on here which is another cliche destroyed.

Rating: 3/5



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