Saturday, April 21, 2012

INTESTINAL - The Rottening CD review

INTESTINAL - The Rottening CD
Hellthrasher Productions
Genre: Death Metal

Alright this is good and as always brings a sick sadistic grin to my face. INTESTINAL is another in a ever growing line of new bands from Sweden playing OSDM (Old School Death Metal). Yes I know what some of you jaded types are thinking. When is this OSDM revival gonna end? Well frankly I don't care if it ever ends. Unlike the jaded types out there in the metal music media who hate this stuff (because it takes attention away from the shitty pussy ass bands they're trying to push) I love it because I'm still pure scum at heart. Also as long as bands like INTESTINAL are pushing the GRAVE meets AUTOPSY in a slaughter house prior to destroying the world or at least decimating the population a bit template then I won't be out kicking hipster poser asses at clubs. I'm old but still mean and my work keeps me in shape also I'm listening to stuff like this so beware.

Speaking of which the first time I played this I was banging my head and I slammed it into the monitor. It didn't phase me a bit but blood started pouring down my face and onto the keyboard. Actually it enhanced the listening pleasure. But anyway INTESTINAL are not really that new of a band. They've been around since the late 2000's and this is their sophomore effort. Granted when their opener on here, "Flesh for Living", commenced I was not so excited. After three straight years of new OSDM bands it's obviously time to curb the herd. But from the next cut, "Vaginal Vomination" and all that comes after it kicked in then I was immediately impressed as well as enthused. Their front cover album artwork is also impressive as hell. I bet it gets banned in Germany like all of the original early CANNIBAL CORPSE albums did.

Late last year I predicted that the new school OSDM band phenomena would continue but in order to stay interesting the bands would have to up the ante a bit. Sure sounding like a demo tape from 1989 is cool but you can only go it for one or two releases. The original purveyors of the genre knew that and on here the same can be said for INTESTINAL. The production on The Rottening is more in line with 1991. It's crisp and clean but still ugly as well as threatening. The riffage is fierce, vocals are zombified and the rhythm section is murderously heavy. INTESTINAL's songs for the most part are up tempo but they do throw in some death doomish nightmare cuts. All in all a great DM release from the nation that has produced the very best. Now I'd better clean up all the blood.

Rating: 5/5



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