Tuesday, April 24, 2012

VORTEX OF CLUTTER - The Ghosts Of A New Generation EP review

VORTEX OF CLUTTER - The Ghosts Of A New Generation EP
Self Released
Genre: Death Thrash

This is the second Turkish extreme metal band I've reviewed a release from this month. The other one was more "core" influenced. VORTEX OF CLUTTER from Istanbul are on the melodic side of the death metal genre but their thrash tempos are gritty. They're also very versatile in their song structures thereby making all of these four cuts fairly interesting. Songs like "Cocktail" and "Abdal" (my favorite tracks) are perfect examples of the band showing off skilled dynamic song craft in which they pair up mild melodies with neck snapping riffs. The vocals are mainly gruff standard with these off kilter multi track harmonies which adds a new twist to the genre as well as making VORTEX OF CLUTTER stand out. These guys are not new at all either. They started out back in 2008 and since then have an EP and a full length under their belts as well as this release.

Rating: 4/5

Official: http://www.vortexofclutter.com/

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