Sunday, April 29, 2012

SEPTEKH - The Seth Avalanche EP review

SEPTEKH - The Seth Avalanche EP
Abyss Records
Genre: Thrash

First off that's the one of the worst looking drawings of a wolf, on the cover of this release, that I've ever seen. Look at those fuckin teddy bear ears? Artwork aside this Swedish act delivers a brand of thrash that's laced with chuggy death metal overtones (death thrash?) for part of this release like the aptly titled "Blunt Force to the Head". Other times they're ripping you a new asshole with opener "Fuckslut From Hell" and "Shoot Them All". There's six cuts on this EP leaving no room for screwing around with variety. SEPTEKH deal in trauma with the combined assault of raspy blackened punk vocals, as well as some gruff ones, and a battery of guitar fury which really doesn't sound retro. These Swedes need more than a little over twenty minutes to really impress.

Rating: 3/5


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  1. It is a wild dog not a wolf. Look it up.