Wednesday, April 25, 2012

FISTHAMMER - Devour All You See CD review

FISTHAMMER - Devour All You See CD
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions
Genre: Death Metal

It's always good to listen to a band whose music is a direct representation of their name. FISTHAMMER is a four piece act that hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or what they refer to as Killadelphia. I still call it Hostile City USA but the sentiment is the same. Devour All You See is their debut which is basically tech death but not in the ADD range which I can handle. Think back to the early days of tech death when bands first started copying DEATH's signature influences and then pushing it to another level albeit not jazz or progressive. FISTHAMMER follows that template fairly easy. When I saw song titles like "Bullet Rape", "Zombocalypse" as well as "Kull the Conquerer" I thought this was going to be brutal as in brutal for brutality's sake. On the contrary Devour All You See is actually more melodic with fluid soloing as well riffs that bite most of the time with some flesh ripping here and there for flash. Vocals are mostly gruff with some moments of banshee like screaming. The songs also keep within a dark atmospheric fog of desolation and despair kinda like Philadelphia which I always thought was an smelly armpit aka: Filthadelphia. This is a pretty cool debut although it kinda follows the pattern of what I predicted late last year. Since OSDM (aka: Old School Death Metal) was the rage for a few years sooner or later the roots of tech death would surface (or something to that effect).

Rating: 3/5



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