Sunday, April 29, 2012

WOODEN STAKE - At The Stroke Of Midnight CD Compilation review

WOODEN STAKE - At The Stroke Of Midnight CD Compilation
Razorback Records
Genre: Doom

I predicted last year that WOODEN STAKE would put out a compilation of all of their EPs, actually I was hoping they would since most releases were out of print about the time I found out about em. So now one of the best Doom bands around, especially if you're into occult themes, has given fans as well as new comers a second chance. This release starts off with a new cut "Night of the Banshee" and from there contains the two tracks from 2011's Black Caped Carnivore” 7” EP ("Black Caped Carnivore" and "Curse of the Funeral Mistress"), their "In the Godless Moonlight" from their split release with DRUID LORD which also came out in 2011. Then there's the two cuts ( "Death Reads the Black Tarot" and "The Legend of Blood Castle") off of another split release from 2011 with BLIZARO. Then there's the two cuts ("Invoke the Ageless Witch" and "At the Stroke of Midnight / Howl of the Devil") off of 2010's Invoke the Ageless Witch 7” EP which was the release that really got me into this band as well as becoming a huge fan. This dink ends with the five cuts ("Sepulchral Awakening", "Stalking in the Shadowlands", "Condemned", "Forbidden Oath" and "A Passing Lament") from their debut Vampire Plague Exorcism. Now all you need, if you don't have it already, is their incredible full length from last year and you'll be squared away.

Rating: 5/5



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