Thursday, April 19, 2012

OUTCAST - Awaken the Reason CD review

OUTCAST - Awaken the Reason CD
Listenable Records
Genre: Death Thrash

When it comes to French extreme metal my appreciation for their black metal scene is well known especially from doing SFM666. Also in the past few years I've come to like their more abrasive and caustic post rock underground acts. But when it comes to their tech death or progressive material like this well I'd rather be stuck on a French Foreign Legion post on movie night. I'll just get this out of the way quickly and state for the record that I hate MESHUGGAH and all bands similar to their style. OUTCAST falls into that category but for the purposes of a review I'll forget my bias and give a run down.

On this, the French band's third full length, you will be greeted and pummeled by jazzy mathcore grooves, chugging breakdowns (there's hardly any soloing), barked gruff and semi clean vocals, plenty of progressive tempos which flow into melodies suitable for shoegazing (big surprise there) plus a piano ditty "Awaken the Reason" which seeped into PINK FLOYD territory. I wanted to slit my wrists right around that time which was the fourth song in. Even though I find this abysmal there's no dismissing their creativeness as well as talent in laying down aggressive neck snapping beats. Someone out there likes this stuff.
Rating: 3/5



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