Sunday, April 22, 2012

CHAPEL OF DISEASE - Death Evoked Demo Cass.

CHAPEL OF DISEASE - Death Evoked Demo Cass.
Genre: Death Metal

This one is limited to 166 hand numbered copies so if you miss out then just remember their name and wait for a full length or an EP. Germany's CHAPEL OF DISEASE are on a death metal path that sees them bringing along elements of early 80's hardcore (people today call it d-beat or crust) on this four song release. How old school of them to say the least. Yeah why let just the Yanks and Swedes have all the fun reviving 1988 / 89. It's about time Germany got into the act. Their cuts on here also have a ASPHYX flair to the tempos. The coolest thing about Death Evoked is that you could play this for someone, tell em it's from back in the day and they would believe you from the production alone. It's decent and I'll look forward to hearing them, especially tracks like "The Loved Dead" and "Summoning Black Gods", on a future full length.

Rating: 3/5



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