Sunday, December 27, 2009

RAMMING SPEED – Brainwreck CD review

Candlelight Records

This Boston band’s brand of Thrash leans more to the Hardcore/Punk fun side of the isle in vocal style and riffs but some of the solos are from classic Heavy Metal. Back in the heyday if you had a song with a guitar solo longer than ten seconds you would be held in contempt by the scene overlords of punk rock fascism. Wow thankfully the days of political correctness and selling bands out for being too popular are over as far as the Hardcore scene is concerned. Yes that was a joke but this review is not. This debut full length of there’s originally was released in 2008 by Teenage Disco Bloodbath Records. I’m sure you’ve heard of em. It seems like Candlelight couldn’t stand having just two actual Thrash bands in their corral so they re-released this so now RAMMING SPEED will have something available in stores. Don’t expect to find their latest release, a four song 7”er on Punk Before Profits Records, in stores. It’s only limited to 600 copies which means their label is not really against making a profit. They’re against making a quality product that’s available. Note to Punk Before Profits, cheapo 7”ers are not cool or punk rock anymore. Innovation and technology has given bands/artists the ability to record, master and produce a quality CD from their basement which they can make available around the world. You’re not only stuck in the past you’re in the fuckin stone age. Ya wanna do vinyl then go for the thick LPs. But anyway on here you have 13 songs in less than 30 minutes and it reminds me of MUNICIPAL WASTE’s early output. If that floats your boat then pick this up fast. You see nostalgia will soon set in on bands like these. The original wave of Thrash lasted four years then started losing popularity. This second wave is just about there.

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