Sunday, December 27, 2009

MAAX – Dawnbringer CD review

MAAX – Dawnbringer CD
Abyss Records

One of the appealing factors about Blackened Thrash, and there are many by the way, is its similarity to Punk/Hardcore partly by sound and style but of course attitude. You take Muncie, Indiana’s MAAX for example, blast their release a few times and you realize that they’ve got more Punk/HC attitude than all of those typically politically correct losers who have destroyed the genre. Check out their MySpace page and you’ll be greeted with the words “Go Fuck Yourself”. Granted anyone can post a phrase but with MAXX it’s obvious they truly mean it. Like I said just listen to their music and you’ll be like, “Oh yeah they mean it”. I’ll take a guess and say that they’re probably not the most liked band in their hometown. Of course that opinion would come from the spineless losers that MAXX has probably crushed on their way to get signed to the uber cool Abyss Records. Then again if you open your debut release with the song “Blut Reich Blood Dawn” you’re gonna ruffle the feathers of those sensitive types. But as the band clearly states, “Go Fuck Yourself”. Thankfully I like Dawnbringer with its influence clearly stemming from that era when the boundaries of Punk and Metal were not so clearly defined. When bands like VENOM, MOTORHEAD and BATHORY were worshipped by long hairs as well as no hair and funny hairs alike. Yeah those days are long gone. Pronounced “may-axe”, if this fearsome foursome were given a planet with an indigenous population they would annihilate it and proudly say “Next”.

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