Sunday, December 27, 2009

WALK THE DEAD – Demo review

Self Released

The key to being a good cook is to know what and how much of certain ingredients to put into your creations. The second key is to keep the tasters guessing what you’ve put in it. While listening to WALK THE DEAD my first thought is that I know what I’m hearing and yet I just can’t put my finger on it. That’s either a great compliment to them or I’m just not as jaded as people think I am. With the exception of all the samples thrown in here like garnish, the band is like a conveyer belt at a factory that produces flying metal hammers with encased sensors which target your skull. The songs on here are brutal death without all the cliché trappings of the sub-genre. The guitar riffs have that perfect crunch and the soloing has some technical flair without being overblown, ya know like the French. This band is from Colorado which by the way is a state where in the past has produced some uncanny Extreme Metal. It must be the mountain air or something. Speaking of which I wouldn’t want to be near any snow covered mountains when this band plays since the vocals will cause avalanches. They mix throaty vocals amidst high pitched screams that doesn’t sound like contrived metalcore bullshit. Not bad for only a three piece band. Contact the band and you can download this 14 song, not including the lengthy intro sample, demo. Seriously this thing is ready for label release.

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