Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BROWN JENKINS – Death Obsession CD review

BROWN JENKINS – Death Obsession CD
Moribund Records

I called their 2008 release “Angel Eyes” a late night listening type of Black Metal release. Basically it’s a style that’s ambient, lite on vocals but heavy in instrumentation in order to kick back and relax. This two piece act from Texas probably doesn’t want you to relax while listening to their craft. Be that as it may I find Death Obsession in the same vein as its predecessor as well as being an incredible release. So far I’ve had it playing in the background while reading W.B. Yeats late at night. It’s also perfect in the morning while getting ready for work, after I hear the fuckin weather report on the radio of course. Yeah that doesn’t sound like you atypical things to do while listening to Black Metal. Then again most of the things people say are total bullshit and this ain’t your typical (choose one: DARKTHRONE, DIMMU BORGIR or XASTHUR) wannabe type band.

BROWN JENKINS’ sound/style can best be described as transcendental negativity. On Death Obsession the songs have this melodic drone type of texture that bounces around with every quick tempo change. For those of you who call Ambient Black Metal sleep inducing then you would be missing out on something exciting, which you can add to that all important gene you’ve been without since birth. For me this type of ambient chaos is relaxing but then again I consider thunderstorms comforting especially at night. The sounds wash over you most of the time as if you’re in some hypnotic trance. Once you’re feeling good in your happy place the tempo change rips you out of it. Imagine sitting down on a nice comfortable looking sofa. After a while you’re so relaxed that you decide to lay down on it only to find that there’s a knife imbedded in one of the cushions and you’ve just been stabbed.

Death Obsession is actually a posthumous release since mainman UA (aka: Umesh Amtey – guitars, vocals and drums) has called an end to BROWN JENKINS and has plans to start on another project, the ASH EATERS. The true reason is unknown to me but I’ll guess that with this release, UA has taken BROWN JENKINS to its furthest progressive level. Guitar rhythms are layered upon one another like waves of sound which rolls across you, sometimes with a simple flow and at other times like crashing against the rocks. It’s a great way to make an exit.


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