Tuesday, March 2, 2010

SATAN’S HOST – Power Purity Perfection 999 CD review

SATAN’S HOST – Power Purity Perfection 999 CD
Moribund Records

SATAN’S HOST came to town a few years ago but I missed em because it was a weeknight show. I wasn’t the only one either because I heard there were less than fifty people at the club which normally holds three hundred. Yeah they won’t be coming back unless it’s a four band weekend package tour sponsored by Moribund Records. I can dream can’t I? Anyways I gave their last release, 2007’s Great American Scapegoat 666, a decent review. Some people thought that was even a bit much but I still say it was an underrated release. Power Purity Perfection 999 is actually better in many ways and I’m glad to see they’re progressing. The music is still Blackened Death Thrash but the songs are more varied in terms of style. Haunting melodies, violent guitar and drum assaults, acoustic driven passages, flaming goatheads, swarms of locust, alright I’m kidding about the locust. There’s plenty of Luciferian thought thrown into their lyrics. Not only is it a good listen, but you also get an education of all things dark. Vocalist L.C.F. Elixir is very good at mixing death growls and harsh rasps into a performance worthy of note. Guitarist Patrick Evil packs in plenty of tasty leads that’ll have ya air guitar-ing along. The band originally played Classic Metal back in the 80s with Evil being the sole remaining member from back in those days. So his playing style tends to be clean sounding laser beams instead of technical over-ecstasy or raw meat.


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