Wednesday, January 11, 2012

77 - High Decibels CD review

77 - High Decibels CD

Listenable Records

Genre: Hard Rock

A few years ago I got a CD from a band called 1976. Their shtick was to sound exactly like early KISS and now I'm thinking maybe they should hook up with this Spanish act for a tour since 77 sounds exactly like Bon Scott era AC/DC. Now just for the record I saw AC/DC on their Powerage tour (with UFO as the opening act) back in the day. More so I grew up listening to all of those Bon Scott fronted AC/DC records. To say I'm a fan of that band's era in rock music is an understatement. Since the mid-90's I've heard plenty of bands, from the Punk and Metal scenes, who not only claimed influence but in some cases totally aped the AC/DC sound. I never really cared for any of those acts who tried to copy AC/DC's true sound and style, until now. As the third cut on here clearly states, "Are You Ready For Rock n Roll".

Now unlike the Aussie act, 77 is a four piece instead of a five but that's the only difference between them and the legend. There were three major factors to AC/DC's greatness which 77 has mastered, those being riffs, vocals and soloing. On this the band's second full length it's the blues/hard rock riffs done to pure perfection by guitarists Armand Valeta and LG Valeta which makes this worthwhile. 77 don't try to hide or even deviate from the program. The same goes for the vocals since Armand Valeta's voice is reminiscent of Scott's. LG Valeta is also responsible for the lead work aka: playing Angus Young. Check out the opening title track or "Gotta Hit the Road" for some full on FM radio styled blasts from the past.

Of course not everything is all high voltage rock n roll. "Gimme A Dollar" adds some rockabilly to the line-up and "Promised Land" is a rocker that also sits out of character to the AC/DC program cannon. Otherwise the rest of this is pure tribute that works great some of the time. With all of the attention to authenticity someone forgot how ironic it was to have Nicke Andersson (former NIHILIST, ENTOMBED and HELLACOPTERS) involved with this project as it's producer. Having this recorded at Gutterview Recorders in Stockholm, Sweden is not part of the irony but knowing that for the past few years a slew of Swedish bands have been aping the whole NIHILIST and ENTOMBED death metal style is. Be that as it may this release has it's merits at fun.



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