Wednesday, January 4, 2012

OMINOUS CRUCIFIX - The Spell of Damnation CD review

OMINOUS CRUCIFIX - The Spell of Damnation CD
FDA Rekotz
Genre: Death Metal

The first time I gave this a listen afterwards I asked myself "so when did OBITUARY move to Mexico?" I mean as far as creating riffs that emulate something crawling from out of a pond of filth and devouring you whole then OMINOUS CRUCIFIX are doing exactly what the Floridian death metal legends have done before. Nothing wrong with that as far as I'm concerned because for one thing NOSDM (new bands playing old school death metal) is all about paying homage. Secondly anyone remember that last OBITUARY release and how average it was? Personally as far as the whole OSDM revival thing goes having a Florida death metal influence to your sound is a change of pace. In 2011 it was all about trying to sound like ENTOMBED, DISMEMBER, INCANTATION or AUTOPSY. The funniest part was that AUTOPSY had an album out and there were new bands influenced by them with releases out that sounded better than AUTOPSY had in years.

This is the full length debut by Mexico's OMINOUS CRUCIFIX, a band whose been around for a few years and has a few small format releases (a split with SOUL EATER from 2009 as well as an EP) to their credit. I cannot say I've heard everything as far as metal goes from Mexico but I'll say this, 99.9% of what I've heard over the years is extreme as fuck. Most of what I get is black metal or brutal death grind from Mexico, the latter of which makes you feel like you've been tied to a cactus and beat on for an hour. OMINOUS CRUCIFIX are different in that listing to this gives you the feeling as if you're being chased by individuals who you do not want to be caught by. Eight tracks on here in slightly over thirty five minutes and the ominous vibe given off is non stop which will leave you thirsty for a blastbeat. Speaking of which the sound on here is dry as well but then it should be. Polish? We don't need no stinking polish. (I had to throw that in since it's obligatory)

On the song "Defiling The Altars of an Absent God" it opens with a movie soundbite of a woman being whipped while trying to say the lord's prayer. I mention that (not because it reminds me of the honeymoon night with my first wife) because I recognize that scene but I can't think of the movie title damm it. Anyway it's a great song with duel guitars just slowly grinding away on the riff with vocals sounding like they're being spouted out by a drunken ex-priest whose into bad mouthing his old boss. "Secular Omens of Doom" follows suit but now there's a crowd of headbanging on-lookers with horned fists raised high because OMINOUS CRUCIFIX actually found second gear in the speed department. The more I listen to this release, which is now ten times, the more I start forgetting the past and wonder if this band is gonna tour the states. I wanna hear the ominous sound of "Church of Death", which is only a minute and a half long but still good, live and in full blasphemy. OMINOUS CRUCIFIX will not win over any sour puss faced pansies who feel this whole OSDM revival is crapping on their hippie metal party. But if 4 out of 5 of your friends feel that your musical choices are pretty fuckin sick and twisted then add this to your collection.




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