Tuesday, January 17, 2012

WYKKED WYTCH - The Ultimate Deception CD review

WYKKED WYTCH - The Ultimate Deception CD

Goomba Music

Genre: A Whole Lotta Metal Going On

In all honesty when I saw this come in for review my first thought was "this band is still around?" Frankly I never had anything against them although my knowledge of their music is relatively average. I've heard two of their past releases and as far as I was concerned they reminded me of a female fronted CRADLE OF FILTH. You can make up your own mind if that's a compliment or not. As far as this new one from these Floridians goes nothing has really changed but that's not a bad thing. For starters the most obvious standout here is Ipek and her incredible vocals. Look she's from Florida so you come to expect her voice to have a little harsh viper or reptilian sound in the blackened style. She also tosses in a few cleaner epic sounding performances. I give the woman credit for keeping things going for so long (the mid-90s).

Now let's be honest here. The Ultimate Deception is pretty much Ipek's solo album with a few guest musicians rocking out with a good mix of the extreme stuff aka: blackened death and thrash. Ipek brought in big name drummer Kevin Talley who's pounded for a bunch of bands I can't stand but still they're big name bands. Also the guitarist, Nate Poulson, is brand new but helped to create this piece of work with Ipek in the song development department which for what it's worth is a good release. As far as standout tracks go probably the best cut on here is their cover of METALLICA's "Fade to Black" with it's two distinct genre structures (black metal blastbeats and classic metal, not very thrashy at all) melded together with Ipek giving something of a power metal vocal performance. "Prayers of the Decapitated" is the prerequisite "witch themed" cut on here and has a decent horns up bang your fuckin head groove going throughout. Also the title cut reeks of extreme tendencies as well as some flash of guitar tech sparks by Poulson.

The Ultimate Deception has a decent overall groove throughout that varies from cut to cut. There's nothing overtly over the top but plenty of melodic passages thrusted hard with blackened fisted blasts. I doubt the goths would go for this but then who knows these days? Are there any goths anymore? And speaking of Hot Topic bands, I thought the cover art looked a lot like a DIMMU BORGIR release. No wonder since it was done by Marcelo Vasco. As far as everything else well this is definitely better than what I've heard before from Ipek and company.


Label: http://www.goombamusic.com

Official: http://www.wykkedwytch.com

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