Friday, January 13, 2012

SHOWSTRIPSILENCE - Thirteen Tales of Love and Death CD review

SHOWSTRIPSILENCE - Thirteen Tales of Love and Death CD

Sleaszy Rider Records

Genre: Punk / Metal / Rock n Fuckin Roll

Don't let the horror core cover art fool you into thinking this is another MISFITS influenced punk band with a splatter / zombie movie fixation. Italy's latest export are a throwback to times past, at least for me, but they were some good times. Back in the late 90's when Scumfeast was still a print zine I was writing about the greatness of all of these punk fuckin rock n roll acts coming out of the woodwork and just cranking out huge amounts of volume to knock audiences on their asses. I'm talking about bands like the HELLACOPTERS, the PLEASURE FUCKERS, ONYA and SHAKE APPEAL. These were acts who had no problem fusing punk and metal together then dosing it with plenty of rock n roll swagger. This Italian band brings that greatness back for another round.

Thirteen Tales of Love and Death is the second full length from this four piece act. I'm kinda curious now on what their debut sounds like. Although for right now I'm gonna concentrate on this high volume dealing platter. SHOWSTRIPSILENCE are a classic four piece act consisting of Gento on lead vocals & guitar, Lizzy delivering the fiery lead guitar work, with bass player Wallace and drummer Kick supplying the pounding rhythm section highlights. The latter three band members also supply backing vocals to Gento's amazing lead vox as well as gutsy screams. He kinda has that Robin Zander of CHEAP TRICK meets Nicky Anderson of the HELLACOPTERS vocal style. Like I said it's the classic line-up which you know looks exciting on stage and these guys probably have torn up some stages in their career.

I'm not gonna go into this song by song. As the album title says it's thirteen bad luck blasts and not one sleeper in the bunch. This is head banging, raise your fist in the air and scream along to the type of scum fuckin rock n roll that just sends electrical shocks running through your body's nerves. I'm talking about excitement city here folks unless you're jaded or dead which is the same thing to me. Bands like SHOWSTRIPSILENCE are a rarity these days in that their music defines fun. Like the old song title asks, "Whatever Happened to Fun"? Here's the answer.





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