Friday, January 20, 2012

ANGUISH - Through The Archdemons Head CD review

ANGUISH - Through The Archdemons Head CD

Dark Descent Records

Genre: Doom

Well this debut release is down right incredible as well as being on time since the original masters of Swedish doom, CANDLEMASS, are about to retire. ANGUISH also hail from Sweden and play epic sounding doom like their peers. I won't go as far as calling them copycats because so many others have followed in the footsteps of CANDLEMASS prior to this band. It's just now looked upon as a clearly defined style which they molded to themselves. Also with all of the other little sub genres of doom being played to the hilt it's a welcome relief to hear something with that classic sound.

On Through The Archdemons Head the band treats us to eight cuts (seven plus a long intro) of massive riffage courtesy of the Kribbe and David duel guitar attack along with lead guitar driven harmonies. The vocals by J. Dee are rough and guttural compared to the more melodic tones which were put forth by the host of singers who stood behind the microphone for CANDLEMASS as well as their followers. Personally I like his vocals since they give off a more menacing feeling, kinda like Tom G. Warrior, which pairs well with the dread filled vibe of the songs. ANGUISH are the biggest surprise for me this month. The songs on here are long and mid-paced as far as speed goes, sorry but no hard rockin head banging numbers but still a great release.




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