Monday, January 23, 2012

IRON REAGAN - Demo 2012 review

IRON REAGAN - Demo 2012

Self Released

Genre: Hardcore

If you thought your collection of MUNICIPAL WASTE side projects was complete well here's another to add to the collection as you wait for their next full length to come out. This time around it's singer Tony Foresta and bassist Phil "Landphil" Hall (he plays guitar on this one) joining up with two former DARKEST HOUR members Paul Burnette on bass and Ryan Parrish on the drums. Musically this four track demo takes it's cues straight from the early 80's hardcore / crossover era. Think D.R.I. as well as a few dozen others who put out demo cassette tapes or 7"ers back in the day.

IRON REAGAN leaves little to grab hold of on here. Four songs in less than five minutes. Although what they lack as far as time on the job they make up for in authenticity. Everything from the band name, cover art work and the rough sound eschews 1983. This is just a suggestion but if these guys made this a 7"er with a label like Tankcrimes putting it out by pressing a thousand it would be sold out in two weeks.


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