Friday, January 27, 2012

TEMBLAD - Mockery of the Fanatic EP review

TEMBLAD - Mockery of the Fanatic EP

Self Released

Genre: Extreme

Some people might object to my use of the genre term "extreme" when describing certain metal bands. Frankly I don't care especially when you have real losers out there in the music media calling things "black gaze" or "transcendental metal". Whatafuck is that? At least calling some band extreme really gives you an idea of the intensity level which you're about to be leveled with. San Diego's TEMBLAD plays a mixture of death metal, thrash and grind so if you don't consider that extreme then you're on the wrong website.

Stuff like this comes into SFM666 for review once a month, twice if I give it a good review because next they send in their side project's release. Whenever I listen to stuff like this I wonder why are we throwing money down a rat hole on all of these green energy scams? Someone needs to find a way to harness the power from these bands. Also this is just a two piece act with Lorenzo Kemp playing guitar along with contributing screams, growls, caustic vocals and painful sounding howls. I'm serious this guy sounds worse than somebody trying to pass a rather large kidney stone. The drummer, Marlon Matthew, doesn't get a clean bill of health either. This guy is in charge of one intense beat fest.

This little o'l EP of theirs might only contain four cuts but that's really all you need. Just they way the songs bleed into one another it comes across like one intense fourteen minute cut which will terminate the unknowing with extreme prejudice. Mostly this is death grind with the mid-paced moments being the thrash inserts. Personally I can only stand four songs worth of this not that I don't care for it. It's just after prolonged listening blood starts to shoot out from my eyes and ears. And let me tell ya from experience blood is hard to clean up. TEMBLAD must know all about that since to practice intense music at this level of technical proficiency must leave their hands bloody.

In all seriousness these individuals are not involved in any new metal phenomenon which will tear the earth apart. I've heard plenty before but to be fair they are very good at it. Some people who snub their nose at this area of metal don't take into account the precision and detail of the musicianship involved. It's just too easy to fall into an obvious beat pattern with this style of music. While listening to some of the songs I was waiting to hear Matthew switch from his mechanized drumming in following Kemp's riffs to a funky groove pattern. He didn't do that which to me is cool because I hate funky grooves. This is extreme metal here people not Bootsy fuckin Collins. All the songs on here are incredible but I have to say the title cut blew me the fuck away.




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