Monday, March 14, 2011


Possession Productions
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 2/5

Ah yes Belarus, I spent a few summers there back in the late 80's before their independence. I used to rent a flat on the south side of Minsk. Every evening I'd break out a bottle a of vodka and share it with my land-lady. After two glasses she would get tipsy and start to sing old Belarusian folk songs to me about the tough times during the war. A lovely time but this was back when I was an agent for the government. If I divulge any more info I'm required to kill you all. Now if you believed all of that then I have a lovely cafe I'd like to sell you in downtown Minsk. The fact is most people couldn't find Belarus on a map. Secondly DOOR INTO EMPTINESS, who hail from Belarus, might not effect people enough to have them zip over to Google maps to find the country.

On this their debut full length DOOR INTO EMPTINESS displays a lot of variety which defies the ability to say what the signature sound of Belarus black metal is. At times the band (or is it a one man project?) comes across as a somewhat cold industrial/ambient BM styled act. On some other tracks the shift falls to the doom side of the aisle. As you stroll further down some death metal enters the mix with added touches of drone/noise. It all sounds as if they're in search of an identity. The one constant is this bleak overcast which permeates every track which kinda reminds me of my first summer in Minsk. OK that latter part is a lie but yeah this release is as cold as a well digger's ass in Minsk.



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