Tuesday, March 22, 2011

SACRILEGO - Darkness Secrets CD review

SACRILEGO - Darkness Secrets CD
Pure Black Heart Productions
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 2/5

File this one under troo underground black metal since PBHP wouldn't release any band that wasn't. As far as they're concerned "Only the true underground counts here!" and "We do no professional stuffs here." So basically everything is done on the cheap. You know cheap sound, cheap production and cheap packaging might be a fun way of acting "anti" to the mainstream but it also cheapens the bands and ruins any chance to expose a talented act to some people who actually might like it. I'm just saying that there are ways of balancing out your way of sticking with your ethics and running a decent business model the benefits the bands as well as the fans by putting out a quality release. Look how long it took FUNERAL MOON, another south of the border BM act who garnered an occult like status, to get something out that was quality.

Now I'll step down from my podium and say if there's one thing good about SACRILEGO it's that they really are Mexican Black Metal. You can't help but hear the home grown influences within some of their songs. The Spanish flavored acoustic guitar passages added to the background ambient keyboards is some of the better moments. When they kick into their blackened death mode is where things go south. Lord Nosferatu vocals literally jump out over the instruments because of poor production. The first time playing this I was grinning the whole time and that's a good thing. That's sad since SACRILEGO have potential to be better.

Label: http://pureblackheartproductions.yolasite.com/

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/sarcrilego696

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