Tuesday, March 22, 2011

HELIOTROPES - Ribbons 7" review

HELIOTROPES - Ribbons 7"
Self Released
Genre: Indie Rock
Rating: 1/5

The biggest surprise about this all girl Brooklyn based three piece is that they are from Brooklyn and not a liberal college town. The two songs represented on here sound like someone discovered BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE or the DANDY WARHOLS a few months ago and decided to bastardize. Maybe an ex-boyfriend left a CD behind at the apartment and didn't have the balls to go get it back? Typical indie-chick vocals (whispers & howls) sung over psyched-out guitar noodling. I was really expecting them to be from someplace like Chapel Hill or any other nondescript liberal college town where the people have the musical tastes of pigeons. Plus they (college town liberals) are worse thieves then the non whites they hire to clean up their filth except the college town liberals thievery comes in the form of music. Indie Rock Losers steal everything. Oh well I'm glad to see these girls have a hobby to waste time on while they're collecting unemployment. I'm guessing some sex starved loser on a Doom blog will gush over this one in order to get an interview. Beware ladies you know what those dorks really do online. Oh yeah Anton Newcombe called, he wants his guitar solos back. You don't wanna fuck around with Anton.

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/heliotropesband

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