Wednesday, March 9, 2011

BLODSGARD - Solve et Coagula demo review


BLODSGARD - Solve et Coagula demo
Self Released
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 5/5

The only thing bad about this Norwegian band's four song demo is that it's too short. This is their third demo release since starting out in 2006. I can see with line-up changes making matters tough. Then there's wanting to put out that opus which will brand your band logo upon people's souls. Well they've done it on Solve et Coagula so now it's time to get out of the bush leagues and take your place amongst True Norwegian Black Metal's elite. Actually I don't know if they're all into that. They might be just content to put out quality sounding demos. Most of the demo releases I get are not of this quality aka: perfect production, musicianship top notch and songs that some in the BM realm would sell their souls to have a writing credit to. BLODSGARD doesn't try to spook you out with keyboard interludes as a back drop. They're basically into fast songs with crushing riffs that get tempered by slight melodies. The vocals are of the harsh rasp variety kinda like a younger Shagrath.

Just eighteen seconds of an atmospheric intro to the first cut "Pakallelsen" and then you're swiftly knocked over by a northern blast from a blackened storm which lasts less then three minutes. Yes that's right a three minute BM song that actually has some decent melody and is still epic as fuck with blast beats which remind me if they've got Hellhammer behind the kit. "Sjeler vil brenne" follows with a somber strummed opening then the drums destroy everything in their wake until the vocals kick in. At the time when the song finally steadies out in a brooding fashion the drummer decides he's had enough and a hail storm of blast beats ensues. It kinda bleeds into the following cut "Mentalt minefelt" which is the best song on here. There's a great balance of brutality from the drums and melody courtesy of some dissonant riffs plus a blood curdling scream. The last cut "Kaoskonstruksjon" is very similar to the first song with a short atmospheric opening then the vocals plus a wall of riffs and drums crush you like an avalanche. Although the song slows down to a cold ambient beauty with just long enough for you to catch your breath. The song ends with the band obliterating everything in it's wake with Nordic power.

Let's be honest here, the dust will never settle upon Norwegian Black Metal despite what it's detractors have to say. As long as bands like BLODSGARD strive for that excellence in sound and song structure quality then they will bury the naysayers. This band hasn't reinvented the wheel and there's definitely past influences being harnessed but in the long run that's good enough for me. I'm biased so what at least I admit it and I haven't heard anything of late that has taken the Second Wave of Black Metal to the cabin on top of the mountain for a thorough blood infusion. BLODSGARD has got something going with this four song release. Hopefully a full length is next on their agenda.


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