Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A.N.S./RAMMING SPEED - 12 inch split review

A.N.S./RAMMING SPEED - 12 inch split
Genre: Hardcore/Thrash
Rating: 4/5

Sadly these two bands have flown under my radar over the years. I know more about Pagan Folk Metal bands, with Power Metal flirtations, from Eastern Europe than I do my own country's Hardcore (real Hardcore that is and not that metalcore crap) scene. That's where my friend Big Jon comes in. I turn him onto old bands like BATTALION OF SAINTS and BEYOND POSSESSION and in turn he tells me all about the newer bands. As a matter of fact he had seen A.N.S. live, playing in someone's (choose one: livingroom or basement) before. I was listening to RAMMING SPEED's debut full length from a few years back, Brainwreck, a week ago at his house while drinking a few beers. I know the band would've wanted it that way. Strangely enough I wanna beer now while listening to this Texas versus Boston Hardcore/Thrash throwdown.

Both of these bands play fast aggressive shit that makes you want to start trashing your surroundings as you thrash around. A.N.S. start things off with four cuts. The first three, "Pine’s Perdition", "The Quest Lives On" and "Can’t Let This Go" are fast blasts which remind me of a host of cool bands from back in the day. Their final cut, "Roehrs’ War", thrashes out for little over a minute and then spends the next seven minutes in a metallic stoner jam. RAMMING SPEED take things more to the brutal side of the aisle with their three entries. The first cut, "Betrayed", is a three minute beatdown. This is the soundtrack to a fight outside of a club. "Last Drop / Dogmatic Horde" is a grinder that bounces back and forth from face ripping intensity to thrash melody. It bleeds into their third cut "Perdition" which is just pure Hardcore madness. I'd have to say RAMMING SPEED wins this match hands down although Andrei Bouzikov's cover art is probably the overall winner.




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