Friday, September 23, 2011

Complete DEPRAVITY Discography Now Available Through Dark Descent Records

Dark Descent Records is proud to announce partnering with the mighty DEPRAVITY to unleash their discography on one tremendous CD compilation! Brutal and melodic Finnish death metal with chugging, heavy riffs, pummeling percussion, eerie atmospheres and dark, guttural vocals that easily stands up against their Swedish brothers. The amazing CD will feature not only both of the Adipocere releases including the MCD and the 7" EP, but also the band's obscure yet equally brutal demography and new liner notes from bassist Petri Ilvespakka.

During their two year existence, DEPRAVITY featured members of Sigillum Diaboli,

Psychopathic Terror, Sonata Arctica and Diaboli.

This release is currently available for pre-order at

The release features;

Silence Of The Centuries (EP)

Silence of the Centuries

Sleepy Oceans



Vacuum of Thoughts

Remasquerade (EP)


The Better Be Descended

In Death's Embrace


Phantasmagoria (Demo)


Sleepy Oceans

Demo I (Demo)

The Harnessed Dice

Sceptic Attitudes

The Figtree

Injoutable Emphasis

Infernal Supremacy

Scepter of Oppression

Galvanizer (Demo)

The Better Be Descended


On Arriving Home...

Obsessed by Reality (Instrumental)


Creatures of the Night (KISS cover)

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