Tuesday, September 6, 2011

GENERATION KILL ready to unleash new album

From SEASON OF MIST Records, GENERATION KILL, the new band fronted by EXODUS singer Rob Dukes, will see the release of their debut album "Red White and Blood" next week in Europe and on September 27th in North America. “Red White and Blood” is the Thrash album that every Metal aficionado has been wishing to hear for the last decade: crunchy riffing, capturing melodies, killer solos and exactly the right dose of unashamed aggression. This should come as no surprise as GENERATION KILL was formed by current EXODUS frontman Rob Dukes and bassist Rob Moschetti (ex-PRO-PAIN, M.O.D.).

Although their roots clearly show through and METALLICA, SLAYER, ANTHRAX, MEGADETH and TESTAMENT come to mind, new dimensions are introduced by Jason Trenczer, master of technical guitar work, and Lou Lehman, contributing catchy riffs and solos. Veteran drummer Sam Inzerra (MORTICIAN) adds an extra dose of speed and power to this killer album that knows no fillers. Get the thrashing of your life!

Track Listing for the new release is as follows:

2.Red White and Blood
3.Feast for the Wolves
4.Self Medicating
5.Depraved Indifference
6.Slow Burn
7.Section 8
8.Walking Dead
9.Dark Days
10.Let Me Die
11.Wish [bonus Nine Inch Nails cover

You can pre-order this thrasher by going here:


Check out the promo vid:

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