Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MORDBRAND Inks Deal With Chaos Records For Vinyl Release of Necropsychotic

The putrid and unsettling atmosphere of early Swedish death metal is once again set to be exhumed; this time on vinyl. Swedish death horde MORDBRAND have struck a deal with Chaos Records for the vinyl release of Necropsychotic. The album was originally by Deathgasm Records on September 6th and has since been a favorite amongst death metal purists and critics. Featuring GOD MACABRE vocalist P. Boder, MORDBRAND embodies the true spirit of the old days with unrelenting hymns to the rotten!

"This duo brings with them copious amounts of extreme musical aggression. You need this because your death gore metal life depends on it." - Scumfeast [5/5]

"It is 6 songs of awesome old school Swedish death metal with a focus on punky "dis" styled, d-beat galloping." - Teeth of the Divine

"Mordbrand has crafted a perfect example of how a band should do the mighty Swedish sound.Great work by Mordbrand and Deathgasm! ESSENTIAL to add to the collection for sure!" - MetalManiacs.com

YEAH GIVE SFM666 A PROMO QUOTE! Actually it's all TRUE!

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