Saturday, September 24, 2011

VADER - Welcome to the Morbid Reich CD review

VADER - Welcome to the Morbid Reich CD
Nuclear Blast Records
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 5/5

Poland's longest running Death Metal act (and that nation's greatest extreme metal act in my not so humble opinion) bring us their ninth studio full length. Now over the past few years VADER has basically been mainman band founder vocalist/guitarist Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek and whomever he can get as session musicians. Be that as it may it works to help him with his vicious vision. On here he has new guitarist Marek “Spider” Pajak along with Pawel “Paul” Jaroszewicz behind the drums. Welcome to the Morbid Reich is just another in a long line of great VADER releases. The trademarks are all here with Wiwczarek's monstrous vocal presence as well as songs with aggressive riffs and soloing which will have long time fans grinning with diabolical delight. There's not one low point on here true believers. Even the instrumentals like "Ultima Thule" which is a dark atmospheric piece by guest keyboardist Krzysztof Olos (they've gotta open up their shows with it) and "They Are Coming" (a sinister prelude to the trudging closer "Black Velvet and Skulls of Steel") lend to the massive assault which is in full swing here. As for the meatier cuts well prepare to be pummelled. Better yet when the title cut starts off it's like a hand reaching out to grab hold of your throat and squeeze till your head explodes. "Come and See My Sacrifice" is pure old school VADER fury on display. Speaking of old school there's a re-recorded version of "Decapitated Saints" from the 1993 debut, The Ultimate Incantation. "I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul" starts off with a movie score like epic keyboard opening but then turns into a rapid fire thrashing machine which crosses paths with SLAYER and SEPULTURA. From an interview I read that Wiwczarek and company plan on unleashing the bulk of this new material onto audiences for this tour. Yeah I can't wait to hear "The Black Eye" or "Only Hell Knows" as well as watch audiences back up from the stage when this metal tsunami befalls them. Till then I'll be blasting this one a lot.



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