Tuesday, September 6, 2011

OROBOURUS finishing up debut album

So no shit there I was at 1:27 AM reading an article online (no that's not code for porn) when suddenly the page changes over to my Facebook page and there's an IM from HD Harrold from the Raleigh, North Carolina band OROBOURUS. "Dude, I just sent ya some songs to check out." Really? Where? Like I said I was reading an article online, it was late and I was getting sleepy. He also mentioned that I hit his daughter in the face with a empty beer can (a Pabst obviously) from the stage while I was up there during a KNOWLEDGE IS FOR FOOLS show. Well I'm a writer not a professional stage performer.

As it turned out HD sent me an email containing two new songs from OROBOURUS upcoming full length release. So for the next two hours I was up listening to those songs, checking out their Myspace, Facebook and ReverbNation sites and jotting down some notes for this here promo.

Here's something I pulled from their ReverbNation page. It's from someone by the name of Daniel LaCosse who posted it on the Salt & Demitri 96 Rock Radio Show Facebook page;

"Much like it's lesser cousin, the Cerberus, the OROBOURUS is a quadraped with three huge dicks instead of dog heads. The power of these dicks is only hinted at in legend - it is rumored that they raped Godzilla to death and flooded Greece with their endless vestiges of semen. When erect, the OROBOURUS can shoot down supersonic jet planes and satellites from space. OROBOURUS is Ronald Reagan's Star Wars... it cannot be escaped, administering peace and destruction as it sees fit from it's tremendous girth."

What? What? Look if I'm at another OROBOURUS show and see some guy coming toward me wearing a cowboy hat, a leather vest, chaps and nothing else I'm gonna say "hey Daniel" and walk the other way, quickly that is. But anyway I wouldn't call OROBOURUS extreme metal, extreme yes like in Southern Rock with hints of sludge and psych doom. That's the new Southern Metal there people. They could play shows with Wino's new band PREMONITION 13. That would be a perfect fit. It's the type of music to get your head bobbing, throw up the horns but don't throw any beer cans around. You're likely to hit someone in the face. And don't yell "Freebird" either. You heard it from your good o'l friend Mr. Wolf who can't wear a cowboy hat. I'd look ridiculous wearing one. I don't wear hats at all except for my World War One Kaiser helmet and I only wear that one on holidays.

OROBOURUS describe themselves as "a heavy rock project made up of veterans from the North Carolina music scene, including former members of F.U. and SOULPREACHER." Oh yeah SFM666 remembers SOULPREACHER. They say their purpose live is to "get fists pumpin', feet stompin' and sweat pourin' from the throngs of those who come out to have a good time and rock out". I'm glad they didn't misspell "throngs". For me OROBOURUS are the type of band that would appeal to an audience full of big burly lookin bikers and women with big hair and bigger breasts. That's right nothing but jugs and strokers.

I'm not talking about some Alt. Country bullshit or that trendy outlaw country they're playing on college radio stations here people. These songs are dirty and nasty like the inside of a trailor baron's double wide. Like TEX EDWARDS sporting a Flying V, wearing spiked gauntlets and a "I heart SLAYER" button pinned to his denim cutoff.

Here's a video for ya to check out from Youtube. Go there and click on the "like" button. Do it or they'll show up in your town and it will look like a scene from the movie The Wild One.

You can see and hear more at:

ReverbNation Page: http://www.reverbnation.com/orobourus

Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/orobourusband

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Orobourus/109898629042462?sk=info

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