Thursday, September 22, 2011

TOXIC HOLOCAUST and MIDNIGHT release Japanese Tsunami benefit split

Thrash titans TOXIC HOLOCAUST and blacken filth mongers MIDNIGHT have some how joined forces to release a special, limited edition split 7"er to benefit the Japanese victims of the tsunami that hit the country earlier this year. (That's putting it mildly since the goddamn ocean washed right over the freaken landscape then the nuke plant went critical, finally spewing enough radioactive material into the ocean and the atmosphere to the point that for the next few generations expect a lot of two headed creatures with fins and feet.)

Both tracks on the split, TOXIC HOLOCAUST's "A.T.O.M.I.C." and MIDNIGHT's "Destroy Tsunami's Power", are exclusive to the release. (The thing costs $8.00. Which means it will be up on Ebay for twice that amount in a short time or you can be a cheap fuck and download it for free on some file sharing site.) This 7"er is a one time pressing, limited to 1,000 copies, on vinyl coloured as the Japanese flag. All proceeds go to the Red Cross relief efforts for the victims of the disaster.(although I doubt anyone in Japan will be purchasing it for obvious reasons.)

While you're salivating for this rare gem OR opening a new window looking to see if it's available for download yet, have a listen to a cut from TOXIC HOLOCAUST's latest full length Conjure And Command, which you should have by now.

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