Monday, September 5, 2011

THE HORDE - Thy Blackened Reign CD review

THE HORDE - Thy Blackened Reign CD
Stormspell Records
Genre: Thrash
Rating: 5/5

If I went to see this band and they didn't perform this album from start to finish I'd be disappointed. Seriously taken as a whole this Midwest metal storm needs to be followed like those chasers do with tornadoes. THE HORDE hail from Iowa and are, as an old friend would say, "metal as fuck dude". They started out in 2006, released an EP two years later and somehow got the attention of Stormspell Records as well as someone to draw the appropriate cover art work. Come on people that's a cool looking cover. On this the band's full length debut they literally leave no classic metal stone unturned be it thrash, NWOBHM or even some melodic death. These are not simply genres to THE HORDE, they are weapons which they use to battle. Who would they use em against you ask? Well I can think of a few but I'll leave it up to the band. Thy Blackened Reign is sort of a concept battle metal themed release with adventurous song titles that cry out to Asgard or a dive bar, basically wherever a good fight breaks out. Speaking of violence when this band plays some of these cuts live and a pit doesn't break out then they should just pull out their guns and start shooting. They're from Iowa, everyone owns a gun in Iowa.

Yes it's hard to be serious while this dink is playing (I was serious about the shooting idea) but it's all in a good fun way. Music like this does take me back to earlier times when I'd see a band like this on a stage in some dank bar on the other side of the tracks. They would be raging on stage and the crowd, of which I was in, is slamming in mass. THE HORDE simply bring out the inner hessian in ya. One listen to "Odin' Blood" and you'll have both arms held up high in horned fists while you run through a wall screaming a war cry. I've done it myself on numerous occasions to other releases that I had to cease since all that's left are load bearing walls. If I took them out my fuckin house would collapse. Although listening to "Into War We Ride" or "Hell Beast of the Pale Frost" is certainly tempting. It's not just the music but the production quality is so fuckin raw it adds to the hostile atmosphere blaring out the speakers. The vocals are barely audible harsh slurs, the drums are intense and the guitars are chugged at a blistering pace for the most part. Also any band that comes out with a speed metal cut called "Super Tusk" is a winner in my book. Thy Blackened Reign is what we'd say back in our print fanzine days as "Scum Approved".



The Horde at the Central Illinois Metalfest. Filmed July 23rd, 2011

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