Monday, September 5, 2011

SARKE - Oldarhian CD review

SARKE - Oldarhian CD
Indie Recordings
Genre: Heavy Metal/Punk
Rating: 3/5

Back in 2009 when the side project SARKE (aka: Thomas Berglie of KHOLD and TULUS who handles all the instruments plus Nocturno Culto of DARKTHRONE on vocals) released their debut Vorunah it was looked at as a cool sounding one off release. The basic charm of it came because it was two black metal vets performing non black metal music albeit a mixture of traditional heavy metal and punk fuckin rock. If you were a fan of DARKTHRONE's latest adventures in punk/speed metal then you liked what SARKE was doing. Now we have this the follow up which kinda removes the uniqueness of the first release. On a whole Oldarhian is not far from it's predecessor. Nocturno still sounds like some gravel throated metalhead barfly singing for another drink. The songs are stripped down simplistic rocking numbers, most at least are that way. Songs like "Condemned", "Pilgrim of the Occult" and "Flay the Wolf" (hey?) are pretty standard form from what was on the debut. It's deeper into the album where things get into more moody territory. On “Captured” and "Burning of the Monoliths" for example we're introduced to some melodic doom which some might find a distraction but I found it to be some of the best cuts on Oldarhian. At least they break from the strict regiment of rocking metal punk. "Paradigm Lost" is another surprise with it's use of symphonic style synths thrown in added with a simple yet twisted guitar solo. Be that as it is the release is close to being too simplistic as far as the songs go and relates well with the cover art. The sound on here is old school rough with a purpose. Nocturno's vocals are the only thing keeping it worth while.



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