Monday, September 26, 2011

AS WE DRAW, EUGLENA and HEXIS split CD review

Throatruiner Records
Rating: 5/5

Every time I receive something from Throatruiner Records I give it a listen and think to myself "They're testing me. They wanna see if I'll crack under pressure or at least give me a few more gray hairs in my beard." The fact of the matter is that all of the material this label puts out should have a sticker fixed to the front of the releases which reads "In Case of Mediocrity Play Loudly". I'm certainly not a huge fan of all the bands in their cadre but they seriously wave the banner of Extreme Music quite well and forcefully. I believe if you are the type of music fan who lives for bands who go beyond the realm of your average extreme metal genres than this label has everything your exceptionally strong heart, mind and taste desires. Since the bands on here all represent a variety of musical styles I felt it appropriate to just tag this as Extreme as far as a genre description goes.

Here we have a split release with three bands with two supplying a pair of cuts each with a third giving you three, who all sound like they'll hunt you down if you don't at least say something decent about em. Don't believe me? Keep fucking reading doubters. The first one AS WE DRAW are French eclectic post hardcore, post metal and are pissed. Their first cut "Fingers To Point" sounds like a post apocalyptic accusation towards those who destroyed their future. I like how the song conveys hate as well as the sadness one would feel if placed in that situation. Then again I could be wrong and the vocalist is really standing in a bucket of sulfuric acid. Their second cut "Fingers To Stab" comes across as punishment after the judgement is rendered with some added doom riffs.

The second act on here, EUGLENA, hail from Russia and not surprisingly my favorite band on here. This is the type of band I wanna see in a small dark club setting play these three cuts to an unsuspecting audience full of hipster slobs. Their first cut "Before After" is full on, the world is coming to an end, Doom with riffs the size of boulders falling down upon you. But it gets even better when their vocalist lets out insane screams as if blood was shooting out from his eye sockets. Then it gets even better because that song bleeds (how appropriate) into "After The Before" which is when those boulders I mentioned where nothing compared to this avalanche. And it gets even better with their third atrocity titled "Renaissance" which just pushes things to the point where you don't bother calling an ambulance to pick up the wounded audience members. You call the morgue and tell them to send the meat wagon. They even finish the cut with annihilating feedback just in case anyone in the crowd still shows signs of life. Beautiful just fuckin beautiful!

Finally we have here a Danish band, HEXIS, who have the unfortunate task to follow the Russians. They do a good job at blasting blackened hardcore sludge and drone. They are not lite hearted when it comes to spreading out the dissonance or ending it with a continuous psychotic machine like riff on their first cut "Crux". They end this thing with "Nex", a song which can best be described as going far beyond the realms of extreme doom dirge. When the song finally ended I sat in complete silence for a few minutes and waited for the world to die. (Actually that's a regular occurrence with releases by this label) Obviously it didn't, although the lights flickered for a brief second which freaked me out, so I went back and played the three songs by EUGLENA over and over till blood started shooting from my eye sockets. Now that was a mess and to those nice people at Throatruiner Records I'm sending you the bill for re-painting my office. It will take a few coats too. Trust me I know how hard it is to cover up blood stained walls. As for anyone else, this is the perfect gift for someone who has everything and you want to see dead so you can get their stuff.



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