Monday, September 26, 2011

SINCERA - Cursed and Proud CD review

SINCERA - Cursed and Proud CD
Abyss Records
Genre: Blackened Death
Rating: 4/5

This would probably fall under the compilation or anthology category since it's remastered material plus live tracks from a while back yet unearthed and packaged up for today's modern audiences. SINCERA was a side project started by guitarist Bjørn "Tiger" Mathisen and bassist/vocalist Thomas Andresen of the Norwegian band FESTER back in 2002 along with drummer Lars Erik Duserud from DECIPHER and Thomas Aamodt supplying the keyboards as well as guitar. They recorded a demo, Tall and Proud, back then but it was never released. Now it's finally seeing it's proper place amongst that nation's blackened musical history. For the most part SINCERA is definitely unique to say the least. Even though there's some keyboards present this is not symphonic or in the least progressive. Most of the what's going on in these first four studio cuts is black n roll. If you need a reference point think SATYRICON meets DISSECTION. I think it sounds cool as fuck especially the opener "Tall and Proud". The song "Blinded" is another standout in which they incorporate a riff I'd swear was lifted from "I Wanna Be Your Dog" by the STOOGES. The song as a whole has a varied structure which tosses in a few atmospheric breaks to give it a good full body. Obviously your so-called 'troo' or 'kvlt' fans will take a head dive right into a vat of corpse paint for a self inflicted drowning for that one. The second half of this might be more their speed which is the band recorded live with (wait for it) a 9mm hand held video camera. Although for some people that might be too high quality. Musically these four cuts are more akin to straight forward Black Metal played with aggression and abandonment. If ya compare the live stuff with the studio it's like two different bands are represented here. The final cut on here, "Byron Lawless", is an entrance theme song for that wrestler who founded the Norwegian Wrestling Federation or NWF back in 2001. Yes this release is definitely a collector's item. Now I'm gonna have to check out Youtube for NWF videos out of wrestling fan curiosity.



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