Monday, September 26, 2011

CORMORANT Offer Up 'Metazoa' and 'The Last Tree' for FREE Download as Thank-You to Fans

San Francisco blackened heavy metal band CORMORANT are currently gearing up for the release of their upcoming album Dwellings (out December 6th, 2011) but in the meantime, have come up with a special way to thank all the fans who have supported them for so long and made their dreams a reality. The band's last two releases, 2009's triumphant Metazoa and 2007's The Last Tree EP, are now available for free download from Cormorant's Bandcamp page!

Check 'em out here:

Definitely the first cut "Scavengers Feast", the opening sounds like it was lifted from KISS' "Black Diamond".

In other news you can listen to a brand-new song, "Junta" (accompanied by an illuminating interview with Arthur von Nagel) on NPR's All Songs Considered blog:

Fans, take note: After a few issues with Paypal, the band is still offering limited special edition pre-order bundles for the new full-length album, which include a signed poster of the artwork and never-before released demos and jams. In addition, pre-order buyers will be thanked by name in the Dwellings CD booklet. Both the album art and the pre-order bundles can be viewed from the band’s online merch store:

Regarding the pre-order bundles, von Nagel added: “We’ve always operated as an independent band. Since we depend completely on our fans for our funding, in a sense they serve as our record label. As such, the fans investing early in our music will be credited by name in the album’s booklet to thank them for their continued support.” Von Nagel elaborated on this theme of fan involvement. “We wanted our long-time listeners to feel invested in our creative process, so we’re including two rare digital collections with this pre-order: a seldom-heard selection of ultra-raw 2007 demos when we first began crafting our sound, and a compilation of never-before-released improvisational jams demonstrating a broad swathe of styles and influences. These unfiltered recordings offer a look into our writing process at its most elemental stages.” Also included in all pre-orders are a poster of the full album artwork signed by the band members, and stickers of the Dwellings cover and logo. Other combo packages include a t-shirt, a zip-up hoodie, or both at once.

CORMORANT formed in 2007 as a trio consisting of guitarist Nick Cohon, drummer Brennan Kunkel and vocalist/bassist Arthur von Nagel, recording a 3-song demo and their The Last Tree EP that very same year. With the addition of seasoned six-stringer Matt Solis in 2008, the band dove into the writing and recording of their full-length debut Metazoa, tracked and mixed by legendary producer Billy Anderson (EYEHATEGOD, MELVINS, MR. BUNGLE, NEUROSIS PRIMORDIAL, SLEEP). The album launched to overwhelmingly positive reviews, earning them an “Unsigned Talent of the Year” nod from the readers of and a string of successful shows alongside the likes of JELLO BIAFRA AND THE GUANTANAMO SCHOOL OF MEDICINE, PRIMORDIAL, GIANT SQUID, MOONSORROW, WOE, VELNIAS, GRAYCEON, WITHERED, BLACK COBRA, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM, SUIDAKRA, WOODS OF YPRES, HAMMERS OF MISFORTUNE, HELMS ALEE and SLOUGH FEG. With the imminent release of their new album Dwellings, CORMORANT are poised to continue their rise as one of the most exciting and original independent bands in metal.

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