Monday, September 5, 2011

HATRED EMBRACED - Suffering of the Holy Demo review

HATRED EMBRACED - Suffering of the Holy Demo
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 3/5

HATRED EMBRACED are a four piece NOSDM act (New Old School Death Metal) from my birth place, the great state of New Jersey. Now you all know where I get my piss poor attitude from. This, their third demo overall since starting out in 2007, is a reissue of their 2010 demo. Although here it's being pushed as a preview of their upcoming full length release that will be coming out in 2012. Since they're signed to FDA REKOTZ, which is a damm good label who also put out that incredible GOREGAST release this year, I'm guessing they see promise here. New Jersey already boasts two great old school talents in DISMA and FUNEBRARUM. So this act has some work to do in order to get up into that tier of greatness. Suffering of the Holy is only four songs and a rehearsal cut but shows promise in that you wanna hear a damm full length by this band. Although the demo quality OSDM sound here and cassette packaging brings back fond memories of years ago. I'm not just talking about the music but back then you sent well hidden cash away to addresses you found in fanzines and a month later (hopefully) you got a package (envelope) containing a cassette, flyers and maybe a sticker.

HATRED EMBRACED are on the thrashier side of the death metal spectrum but not death thrash, thank you very much. This release is coated in old school filth and their influences are as numerous as the band patches on your denim cut-off. Then again that comes with the territory and fans not only expect it but crave it but the band doesn't totally rely on it. There's plenty of originality which shines through especially in the soloing as well as the impressive drumming display. Also the band adds plenty of variety whether it's on the blistering opener “Moloch . . . The Devourer" or the slightly crawling nightmarish “Suffering of the Holy”. All of this reminds me of the early days of DEATH and to some degree Sweden's NIHILIST but not at all as they're trying to be copycats. Since NOSDM is now the quin essential revival theme after building up over the past few years and is following in the foot steps of it's predisessor, the Thrash Revival. Bands entering the rift need to step up their game if they wanna be noticed more then just "another one of those bands". Like I said earlier the promise is here so hopefully they'll make due on it.



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