Friday, November 11, 2011

THE STONE - Golet CD review

Folter Records
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 3/5

This is my first time hearing something from this Serbian Black Metal act (yes I know big surprise) who have been around for a little over a decade. They're fairly prolific to say the least with an abundance of material out including five full lengths with Golet being their fifth. Since this is Slavonic Black Metal I was expecting the typical harshness from the pagan vast-lands. Although there's plenty of that on hand, for example "Pred licem novog boga" is over nine minutes of eastern blackened bliss, THE STONE do have a surprise or two in store. They have a penchant for neck snapping tempo changes, plenty of technical musicianship and adding epic NWOBHM melodies throughout all of their songs. Basically the Serbs take the traditional and amp it up without running off the template. "Nikad bliži smrti" is a perfect example of where it all works out well especially when the vocals are sung in the band's native language. Unfortunately everything is not all perfect. There are times when listening to Golet where some cuts have a tendency of being too excessive in length. Still it's a decent listen.



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