Saturday, November 26, 2011

MIDNIGHT - Satanic Royalty CD review

MIDNIGHT - Satanic Royalty CD
Hells Headbangers
Genre: Blackened Punk/Speed Metal
Rating: 5/5

As the second track on here illustrates so eloquently, "You Can't Stop Steel". For those of you who don't know MIDNIGHT (basically all of you effete snobs and hipster posers) I'll explain. They're an Ohio three piece who worship at the altar of the MOTORHEAD and VENOM two headed monster. Now every year some magazine or website will reveal a list of most anticipated full length releases which they believe will be exceptionally good. For fans of MIDNIGHT that anticipation has been eight years since they released their self titled EP. Since then fans have collected up all of their small version releases (EPs and Splits) along with some compilations (the all time classic being 2005's Complete and Total Fucking Midnight) while waiting patiently for this, MIDNIGHT's first official full length, to finally arrive. Well here it is and all I can say is all hail MIDNIGHT. Even that's putting it mildly since this release seals them a place on Mount Metal where drinking and fornication are the norm plus unfun people are not allowed.

Satanic Royalty is a great release in a roots revival capacity. It's a genre defying hell fest or as a good friend of mine would say, "I just call it metal, fuck that classification bullshit". Also just like their two biggest influences mentioned earlier, MIDNIGHT's fanbase crosses the line between punks and metalheads. The first thing you notice about Satanic Royalty is it's clean production compared to their previous releases. That should not dissuade fans one bit since the songs on here still carry enough filth and fury. Despite the opening title track being catchy the rest of the songs range from medium paced horns in the air rockers to chasing you down speedy onslaughts. Songs like the earlier mentioned "You Can't Stop Steel", "Shock Til Blood" and "Lust, Filth & Sleaze" are blackened NWOBHM blasts that are mandatory for surprised guests stopping over for a beer. "Necromania" is pure headbanging bliss were as "Black Damnation" slows things down and adds some CELTIC FROST essence to the mix. On a whole Satanic Royalty is a complete and total fucking balanced package from start to finish.



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