Sunday, November 27, 2011

DEAD - Hardnaked but Dead CD review

DEAD - Hardnaked but Dead CD
FDA Rekotz
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 3/5

DEAD happen to be a German band who've been around now for twenty years and this is the first time I've ever heard one of their releases. I have no explanation for that obvious flaw since DEAD are fairly prolific when it comes to putting out releases. Hardnaked but Dead is their six full length although they've got a bunch of EPs, split releases and two compilations to their credit. I've been told that their 2005 compilation release, Poserslaughter Classics Remasters, is a good place to start if I wanna get acquainted. After hearing this latest one I'd have to place that recommendation on the back burner. DEAD are a porn shop's video booth away from porno grind, an actual sub-genre for those of you not in the know. Their brand of DM is fueled by the more "specialized" type of porn excesses (for lack of a better description) which I'm sure there are plenty of websites out there that cator to the loneliest of perverts. Not that I have anything against porn it's just that, like metal, it has it's own varying degrees of extreme and eh tastes (once again for lack of a better description).

Aside from the throwaway opener "Cock a Hoop" (I really didn't wanna know), DEAD like their death metal sleazy and simplistic with cuts titled "Tits", "A Beer", "The Fineribber" and "Liquer Store Goddess" which by the way run together as if this was a conceptual piece of sleaze masquerading as fine art no doubt funded by tax dollars to the dismay of disgruntled moralists. Personally, and strangely enough, in that specific case I'd side with the moralists simply because something like this is better suited for personal connoisseurs than forced on unsuspecting people who are not interested. That's the libertarian in me speaking and is as far as I'll go into political ideology within the confines of an extreme music review. Besides fans of this type of death metal reprobation like to keep this side of their musical taste behind closed doors if you know what I mean. Musically on here there's not much grind or overwhelming brutality but plenty of groove and beastly vocals as if this were a mid-90's revival act peppering their cuts with vulgarity in order to shock the listener. By today's standards maybe it would shock an old lady and put a grin on a pimply faced fat swine of a kid who spends too much time on the Internet in the dark. Once again if you know what I mean and if you actually do than I feel sorry for your future love life.

The DEAD are part OSDM (Old School Death Metal) part death doom and a whole lot of foul smelling crap holding it together including samples. Even though I am a purveyor of extreme sounds to me this all sounds like a half hearted romp through the past with subject matter which is not really humorous. That just makes me jaded I guess (a self reference you'll hardly ever hear me say) but I'm sure there are hundreds of others out there who will find this a personable pleasuring experience to be practiced alone. There are some moments where DEAD break away from the mundane and actually thrash out like on "Possessed Soldiers of Luv" and in some of the title cut. In the end the best part of Hardnaked but Dead is it's slow methodical pieces which do creep you out and "Tits".



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