Sunday, July 24, 2011

HRIZG - Anthems to the Decrepitude CD review

HRIZG - Anthems to the Decrepitude CD
Moribund Records
Genre: Black Metal
Rating: 3/5

Spain's HRIZG is a one man Black Metal act who effuses the atmospheric tones of depressive blackness with doom. What stands out the most is his baritone voice as if he's some ancient figure from the past encapsulated in stone with only his mouth able to move. Obviously that's not the case since how could he play all the instruments. Still Anthems to the Decrepitude is very monolithic as well as slow to mid paced. The music actually takes a back seat to Hrizg's vocals which hold your attention the most. He clearly conveys the oppressive weight of dark emotions be they depression or agony. Even with the hypnotising quality of the vocals there's still some aggressive nature missing which makes this more doom and gloom instead of blackened doom. Even though there's plenty of guitar within the melodies it's the synths which hold everything together like background glue. If you're not morbid now then one listen to this and you will be.



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